We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us.


  • How many guests can we have for breakfast

    We can take a maximum of 10 adults and 2 children on the large oval table, which is the amount of guests we can accomodate, no extra guests can be brought in to join you for breakfast.

  • How many tables can we have for the wedding breakfast in the main barn?

    A long top table for up to 10 persons, plus 8 rounds, 1 of which would be put on the stage, assuming it is not needed for musicians. These tables can also seat up to 10 persons. If however your numbers are lower you have greater flexibility as to where the tables are placed. Tables can be placed in the garden room, with the central doors opened between rooms there is ample room for higher numbers and all are in full view of the top table.

  • Can we have biodegradeable confetti?

    Unfortunately not, we only allow purely natural petals, this is to protect our ducks from the hazard of eating substances that get stuck in their throats!

  • Can we have our Ceremony outside?

    YES. from MARCH 2016 you can have an outdoor ceremony. We have licensed both the Gazebo and the Cart Lodge, Weather permitting..

    We have 60 fold up chairs for your use. any addtional chairs would have to be hired in by yourselves

    Please note:- The registrar has full control when it comes to the Wedding Ceremony, therefore if they feel that the conditions are not suitable they are at liberty to change things. 

  • Are we able to bring our own chairs into the venue

    Yes you may hire chairs to bring to the venue, however there will be a charge made of £100 to cover the additional work involved in removing and storing our own chairs and getting them back the following day. 

    All chairs MUST come ready assembled including seat pads and be ready for use.

    Chairs must be delivered between 9 and 10am on THE DAY OF HIRE { we cannot allow delivery on the previous day or collection later than the stated times.

    Chairs must be collected either at the end of the evening [MIDNIGHT} or before 10am the following morning.

  • Can we have candles on the tables for our meal and the evening.

    Yes, tea lights are fine for the wedding breakfast, as are pillar candles in flower displays or vases,  however, if you wish to have any type of candle on the tables for the evening reception, these all  must have the flame COMPLETELY contained within a glass bowl or such like.

  • Do we have to use your Resident DJ?

    No, you are quite welcome to bring in your own DJ or band, they will need to provide us with a copy of there public liability insurance, and all equipment will need to be  PAT tested

    We only provide disco lighting for use by our Resident DJ. 

    All outside providers must bring their own lighting ( maximum 3 kW) if our DJ is not being used. 

  • Can we provide our own Evening Music

    Yes you can bring in a live band ( to ensure enough space we recommend no more than 5 pce) or your chosen disco. All equipment must hold a current P.A.T. Certificate. Third Party Public Liability Insurance must also be obtained.

    We do not Permit our Disco lighting to be used by any persons other than our Resident DJ, so please be aware that you will need to provide your own lighting if our DJ is not booked.

    We cannot permit the use of IPods, IPhones or similar devices to be used in conjunction with our equipment for evening entertainment. 

  • Can we use the outside ceremony chairs for the inside ceremony ?

    No, unfortunately these chairs are not suitable for inside use.

  • What time can we get into our rooms ?

    If you are having a day time Wedding the Bridal suite will be available for you by !2 Noon, the other gueat rooms will be available from 2pm

    For the evening Weddings all rooms will be available from 3pm

  • Can we bring in a bouncy castle or garden games.

    Yes. You would have to obtain third party Public liability Insurance for a bouncy castle or something  similar, can be no bigger than 4m x 4m, and we advise that you should have a responsible adult supervising at all times.

    Sorry, no ball games

  • Can we pay by credit or debit card.

    Yes, we offer card facilities to make venue payments,  for drinks packages and bar tabs for the bride & groom  or their parents. Card payments cannot be taken as payment for customers drinks at the bar. ( A surcharge of 3% will be added to any credit card transaction, there is NO surcharge for debit card payments.) 

  • What time does the bar close.

    The bar will close at 11 30 pm, Disco or Band will finish at 11.45pm.

  • Can we bring in casino tables

    Yes, we can accommadate 1 in the garden room, and 1 in the cartlodge or if you hire the garden pavillion room for the evening you could have 2 tables in the same room

  • Are we able to set up our own sweet table.

    Yes a sweet table is fine. Please ensure all sweets are UNWRAPPED and jars are not set too high on a table (we cannot have children climbing to get them)

  • Can I hang bunting, streamers or fairy lights along the beams in the old barn?

    Unfortunately we cannot allow anything to be hung from the overhead beams in the old barn as they are far to high to safely access and have electrical wires running along the top of all of them. You may however hang things form the beams in the adjacent garden room using ties, no pins or sticky stuff. All lights must be battery operated.

  • Can we bring our own wine into the venue

    Yes, you can bring in your own wine for the wedding breakfast only, but there will be a corkage charge on each bottle and limit's will apply.

    We do not permit home brewed beers or wine of any kind to bought onto the premises.

    We can supply Alcohol Miniatures for favors.  

  • Can we decorate the barn with helium balloons?

    NO. We are sorry but we cannot allow helium balloons inside the barn, past experiences posed many problems with guests releasing them from their weights, and letting them go. The ballons then end up in the very high eaves of the barn, and we are unable to get them down! Health & safety regs state that a cherry picker would have to be hired to get them down, at considerable expense. which would have to be passed on to the hirer. 

    We also have to allow for the fact that if there is another wedding the following day, they would not be happy with the remnants of the previous days table decorations hanging in the eaves!  

  • Can we have Fireworks

    Yes, you can have fireworks provided that they are supplied and set off by Dynamic fireworks in Colchester. The display MUST be low noise to avoid causing distress to our neighbours horses.

    Under No circumstances must you bring your own fireworks onto the premises, this includes normal and table sparklers. 

  • Can we leave our cars overnight

    Yes you can leave cars overnight, but we will need them to be picked up by 11am the following day.

    Under no circumstances can anyone camp on the gounds overnight including caravans and motorhomes.

  • Can we set up a projector and screen during our wedding

    Unfortunatley, due to the nature of how the barn is set out, and the lack of plug sockets, we have to say "No" to this. Health & Safety states wires are not allowed to trail across floors, and as the barn is very crowded with tables and staff carrying meals, it would be dangerous.

    However, if you have room on the top table you may set up a wireless laptop, or use the stage area for the same if it is not needed for other reasons.

  • Could we have the Barn for the Ceremony only

    Yes,  We will allow you a 2 hour period which will give you ample time for photographs after the ceremony .Also reception drinks are available if you require them

  • Do you provide childrens high chairs

    Sorry No, we have no high chairs, you will need to bring in your own if required

  • Have we got to have the full wedding breakfast

    No,  You can have as little or as much as you wish, you may like to have a bar-b que, hog roast, buffet hot or cold one of our brides offered their guests a lovely plougmans lunch. It is all down to the individuals budget